The Only Volcano in India Comes Alive After 150 Years

The Barren Islands, located on the Andaman Sea, is not the only active volcano in India, but throughout the entire South Asia. It is actually a part of the chain of volcanoes that spread from Myanmar to Sumatra. Here is the latest news on its fiery eruption.

India’s only volcano erupting ashes

Scholars from the National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) came across an eruptive crater in the Barren Islands, at the
Andaman and Nicobar archipelago on January 23 this year. According to experts, it came alive after a gap of 150 years and presently, is the only active volcano in the country.

The official report

The NIO issued an official statement from its headquarters in Goa in support of the natural incident. According to the statement, a team of scientists were on board the research ship R V Sindhu Sankalp on 23 January, 2017. In the afternoon, as the vessel reached near the Barren Islands, the members on board saw the volcano throwing up molten lava and ashes. On encountering
such a rare incident, everyone on board the vessel was obviously delighted. However, they had to move away from the region for safety reasons, but they kept watching the development from a safe location on the sea. According to reports, the eruption continued in tiny sequences, each lasting for nearly 5 to 10 minutes.

Scientific study

Under the broad daylight, only clouds of the ashes could be seen, but after sundown, fountains of hot, molten lava could be detected streaming down the slopes of the mountain. However, the team could not get on the island to collect the lava samples, as the volcano was too lively and could spit fire any moment. But the team went about collecting samples from the ocean bed to understand the history of volcanic activity in the region. According to their findings, there is a vast chain of small submerged volcanoes across the entire Andaman Basin, forming a volcanic arc.

As it is obvious from the name itself, Barren Islands is barren, uninhabited and unfit for vegetation. Indian citizens can easily reach here on charted boats. But, they need to permits to reach here, which are issued from the office of the Forest Department, located in Port Blair.


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