Predictions of trending logo designs in 2017

Latest Trends in Logo Designing

Design is something that keeps on passing through changes and evolutions incorporating new styles and trends. Sharp and creative minds are the secret behind these trending styles and logos. Likewise, graphic design and apparels are also undergoing continual developments with their logo designs. Let us peep into the emerging evolutions of logo designs that will be seen dominating the market in 2017.


The approach of minimalism is the base of creating designs that every designer follows. It prioritizes to include only the essential part in the logo, thereby, removing all the unnecessary information. It uses minimal effects and colours, simpler and compact forms to enable you develop a exceptional logo for your brand. Undoubtedly, minimalism will stay popular at the scene in 2017.

Letter Stacking

Texts can develop an appealing and original perception when used in logo designs. This use of texts for designing attractive logos is called letter stacking. It is an art of arranging texts horizontally or vertically with well-defined graphic elements. These kinds of logos attract visitors and customers thus, making your brand popular. Though recently developed in 2016, letter stacking is surely to reach at the top trending lists of designing in 2017.

Text Logos

A simple, clear and classic logo says all about your brand working as an effective tool to popularity. Various big brands have accepted this approach of text logos for their industry. It is evident from their market reputation that text logos will still prevail in 2017 as it does now.


Letters in your logo design defines elegance and gives a finishing touch to the design. Sometimes, it’s all in a name and when displayed with precision and accuracy, it turns out to be quite influential on customers. Reputed hotels, restaurants, cafes opt for lettering to have better professional communication. It is quite sure that the approach will maintain its place in 2017.

Flat Design

Flat design is yet another facet of minimalism that involves using clear-cut and fine designs excluding every unnecessary detail. Using this method, one can create highly efficient and influential logos attracting decent number of customers.


The incorporation of simpler styles and trends, gradients might have been hidden under the carpet. Nevertheless, with significant changes in styling, it is used in graphic designing. The minor but important changes made in gradients are inclusion of simplistic trends. Unlike the previous style of using high brightness and multiple colors in gradients, they are now developed with material designing colours.

Line Art

Minimalistic styles have many variations and line art is one in the lot. While graphic designing, designer choose clear, simple, and transparent images to develop an effective logo. Line art involves the trend of using dark colours for drawing lines and images.

Stencil Typography

These designs are adapted to develop visually abstract brand logos. Designers use various forms and size of stencil fonts to create an effective impact on the viewer. The catchy and attractive design stays imprinted in the mind for longer time. Unsurprisingly, this memorable approach of stencil patterns will have its place secured in 2017.

Based on their demand and acceptance in 2016, I have only mentioned some of the predictions of logo design trends in 2017. There is no doubt that creative designers can surprise us with their ever new and latest ideas of graphic designing.


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