Cloud Search: Google Presents a Smart Service for G Suite Users

Google keeps on updating its features and its latest launch is specifically for business users. It has introduced a tool named Google Cloud Search to enable customers search all round the G Suite products which covers Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Sites, Contacts, Docs, etc. Earlier, it was available to limited users and was called Springboard. It was then represented as a Google Now service for entrepreneurs.

Google Cloud Search is developed keeping large scale companies in mind, where individuals work in different groups and access different files and documents. The service prioritizes file sharing allowing users to access only the available work documents. Be it a common team project, policy manual or private documents, a user gets an access to each of them based on the availability.

What happens in Cloud Search?

Along with offering access to work files, Cloud Search also acts as a complete directory. It allows users to get a colleague’s contact details and the files and events they share with them. While looking the info page in the results, users can also initiate a phone call, Hangout or email just at one click.

Like Google Now, this tool utilizes a card-style design for displaying the search results, no matter you access the service on your laptop or cellphone. It holds advantage of machine intelligence similar as Google Now to feature information you are most expected to use. You can find reminders, files, notes popping out from these assist cards.

What is the Google’s goal behind this new launch?

In the last few months, Google has aimed at enhancing its productivity tools using machine intelligence. With its G Suite re-branding, the search engine has declared a cluster of machine intelligence features. It includes “Quick Access” service in the Google Drive that will pre-assume the file you need just when you start typing the search entry. This move was initiated by the
company to help the users save time on file search as it promised that it would reduce the average search time to 50%.

The ultimate goal behind the newly introduced service is increased productivity time for G Suite users. In one of its blog-post, Google has reported that in a week, almost every worker spends around 20% of their time finding and analyzing information.

Now the services are limited to G Suite enterprise and business editions. As per reports and Google announcements, it is revealed that many other features will be launched in the near future with third-party collaborations.


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