Choosing in Between Full-Time and Freelancing Careers is Never Easy

Job scenario all over the world is becoming increasingly demanding and as a result office hours are getting stretched to indefinite time periods, across different verticals of industry. This is taking a heavy toll on both physical and mental health of employees. In this circumstance, an increasing number of skilled professionals are choosing freelancing over their full-time jobs. On becoming freelancers, they may lose the status of permanent employee at reputed organisations, but they can lead an independent life with no one to boss around with.

Life beyond office cubicle

As a full-time employee at a highly renowned organisation over the years, when I decided to step into entrepreneur’s shoes, it was definitely a major leap in my career. From my personal experience I can tell you, making a decision is never easy. You have to take a lot of factors into consideration and set up alternative plans in advance to counter adversities. As an independent professional doing freelance, you have greater chances of earning bigger money. Therefore, I suggest taking the first leap into the world of freelancing while you’re on a paid vacation. If it works out, the better and if it does not, there is always the option to go back to your cubicle. Either way, you don’t have much to lose. As such, most full-time employees who turned into successful freelancers in their respective professions, started off with small initial steps.

Making adjustments with the new life

As a full-time employee, none gets sufficient appreciation for his or her contribution. The corporate world is a very hard place and there people, take it for granted that you’ll do your bit. Thus, no one asks for your opinions and it seems your experiences are hardly valued. In contrast to that, as a freelancer, your opinions and advices are given ultimate priority by your clients. Moreover, when you timely deliver their business’ requirements under specified budget, meeting the appropriate
benchmark on quality, they overwhelm you with gratitude.

Kick starting your freelancing career with Toptal

These days, it is easier to launch freelancing careers, as compared to the past, provided you’re software professional.
Toptal is a US-based virtual organisation, providing freelance software developers to different corporate brands. Interestingly, this organisation has no physical existence and has gained recognition for conducting all operations virtually.

Toptal is actually a powerful network, spread all over the world, of well-skilled and experienced software developers, designers and financial experts. A number of globally renowned corporate brands, including Hewlett Packard, J. P. Morgan, Zendesk, Pfizer and Emirates depend on Toptal to get freelancing experts for their projects.

Freelancing options on Toptal

As already mentioned earlier, Toptal is a virtual network for software techies and financial experts.

  • If you’re a skilled software architect, engineer or coder with expertise across hundreds of fields of digital technology, you can be a part of this network and launch your freelancing career.

  • As an experienced UI, UX, Interaction and visual designer, illustrator or animator, you can also join Toptal.

  • If you are a finance expert, having specialization either in FP&A, fundraising, pricing analysis, market research or financial modelling and valuation, the virtual network can also assign you freelance job assignments.

Flip sides of freelancing

Nothing in this world is perfect and freelancing too has lots of cons.

  • It deprives you of all the paid benefits that you enjoy in a full-time job.

  • You also need to invest significant time and effort to ensure your pipeline of work is full.

  • As different clients work on different budgets, do not expect a consistent pay rate on all assignments you handle.

Considering all the positives and negatives associated with freelancing, now it may be easier for you to make a concrete decision on the next significant career move. From my personal experience I can tell you, in case you choose change, newer horizons of life will open up before you as a freelancing professional, in course of time.


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